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Wind Turbine Encoder

One of our Windturbine Encoders at work

Rotary Encoders for Wind Turbines

Renewable Energy and Rate & Speed Control for Windmill Operation

Wind power is a renewable source that is anticipated to generate more electricity in 15 years than all of Saudi Arabia's oil, without being depleted. Wind is created every day by the heating and cooling of the earth and is not affected by fuel price increases or supply disruptions as know from oil and fuel. The American Wind Energy Association estimates that over 10,000 direct jobs and more than 11,500 indirect jobs have been created in the United States by wind energy production.

GES encoders can be found to measure speed movement as well as pitch controll in Windturbines. We also offer soutions for Yaw-Controllers which are responsible for control of overrotation of the gondola of Windturbines.

Our standardized and customized product offering and global manufacturing, engineering and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline.

For further information about all our Windpower Encoders please don´t hesitate to contact K.-H.Weber: (at)



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